Six weeks ago,  my partner of seven years, Jonathan, and I moved (along with our basset hound and cats) from Toronto, Canada to Cape Town. We are here for a year as Jonathan completes his LLM at UCT. I am a travel, food and beverage writer as well as a copyeditor so I can work from pretty much anywhere. That is, I can work when I am not staring out the window at the beauty that surrounds us here. Or spying on the sunbirds and sugarbirds that pick at the oranges I put out for them in my garden-my winter garden. Yes, it is winter here but greenery and nature abound! I won’t miss the Toronto winter.

We have fallen in love with Cape Town and this blog is basically to inform our friends and family about what we are doing and to convince those not already planning to visit (you know who you are…you dummies), to get the hell down here. It is stunning. And cheap. And there is lots of amazing wine. Cheap wine. And animals. Cool animals. And food. Oh God, the food. And penguins. And yet more wine…

Charlie, the Basset Hound, and the cats (we came down with three, but Mogy passed on in her first week here-we miss her) Chosun and Kimchie also love it here and want to share their impressions and photos on their blog: A Basset Hound in Cape Town (abassethoundincapetown.wordpress.com). Check it out.



  1. Wow, another Canadian in Cape Town – that makes, well, 5? Seriously, there are very few of us here – welcome! Where are you living?

    I’ve been here since Jan 2010 and have to say it’s been the best time in my life. Stunning, stunning, stunning.

    Just curious…what is your connection to Korea (noticed the names of the cats) – I lived there for a year and worked with a lot of Koreans in Vancouver for years. There is a great Korean restaurant on Main Rd. Sea Point if you want some good kim chi 🙂

    Looking forward to reading about your experiences. I’ve gone into work/study mode so my blogging has been abandoned…



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